Varga István Commercial and Economic Technical College and Vocational School was opened in the 1987-88 school-year as a Commercial Technical College and Vocational School. In two technical school classes we started a 4-year commercial technical training which finished with a final state examination. In four vocational school classes we started a 3-year vocational training which finished with a skilled worker examination on food selling.

While the training profile of the school has not changed, its professional training programme has been modified due to its adaptation to the professional requirements. We joined the modernisation experiment of the commercial technical training in 1992. The vocational training was extended to the training of shop assistants of food and chemicals. In the 1996-1997 school-year we started a 2-year intensive daily training of the Technical College of Skilled Workers.

In 1997, due to a fusion of schools, our school became the legal successor of an economic, typist and stenographer technical college and vocational school. It required a radical change in the process of our pedagogical work, since as a result we had to meet the challenge of the broadening palette of trainings.

We successfully applied to the World Bank Model of the Secondary Vocational Development, on the basis of which in 1998 we contracted to start study groups in economic and commercial professions. It significantly modified our local curriculum connected to our pedagogical program as we applied the NAT (national curriculum)-compatible curricula of the World Bank Program.  

In autumn, 1999 we started trainings based on OKJ (National Register of Education) final state examinations on commerce and economics in the 13th form. Our students finished the one-year training time in 2000. In the same school-year we had a 14th form and at the end of the school-year, the participants of this 2-year training finished school.

After completing the two-year vocational training in the 2000-2001 school year, the students had the opportunity to start a professional training of shop assistants of food and chemicals, which was an OKJ training, not based on a final examination, which changed the traditional form of vocational trainings. An OKJ-system training of typists and text editors, not based on a final examination, was started in the 1999-2000 school-year. Since the 2001-2002 school-year both the technical and the vocational trainings of the commercial, economic and management professions have been realized by a local curriculum and lesson plans made on the basis of the Skeleton Curriculum. Conforming to the needs of our leavers, we have taught and organized vocational exams on OKJ professions belonging to these trade groups.   

Our institution was faced with new tasks in the 2005-2006 school-year, as, by the maintainer’s decision, we were appointed the legal successor of a ceasing economic and postal service technical college.

As a brief summary, the development of our school can be described in approximately five cycles:

•    The period from the autumn of 1987 to 1992 was a painfully difficult and conflicting time of founding and starting the school. It coincided with the accelerated time of social and economic changes and, at the same time, with the era of the first steps of the radical changes in the vocational training, which had a lot of uncertainties.
•    The second 5-year cycle from 1992 to 1997 was the time of seaking ways when in the changes of the world around us, the landmarks to which we could and had to adjust our activities were getting clearer and clearer, while, due to several reasons, it was a mere success to be able to survive and maintain our functioning ability.
•    The third and fourth cycles of the history of our school were upward periods that based the conditions of our effective activity for a long term. From 1997 to 2007 we managed to form the frames and, in several aspects, the content features of a school with a unique image, elevating traditions and attained results. The most important result to be highlighted first, is the cohesion, efficiency and pedagogical commitment of our teaching staff. The second is the objective of our pedagogical program to give the chance to students who – by our educational work – can obtain the knowledge, skills and competences that are essential to prevent them from falling behind and to their successful independent adult life. The third is our objective to make our students be able to improve their narrower and wider environment.
•    From 2008 the institution works in the middle of educational objectives changing with dynamics never seen before. We consider the external conditions as a potentiality and, relying on our basically good infrastructural state of supply (nice building, extra equipment, permanent and stable pedagogical team), we make every effort to improve the level of our educational work, considering the needs of the parents as well.

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Official name: Varga István Kereskedelmi, Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola

Residence, postal address: 7, Hatvany Lajos Street, Budapest, H -1039

Telephone:+36 1 3687443 

               +36 1 4540570

Fax: +36 1 4540603

Educational ID of the school: 035550

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Mr Zoltán Varga PhD

Secretary: Ms Péterné Palotás, Secretariat, room 115, first floor

Managing students’ issues: during the breaks between the lessons and after the last lesson until 3.30 pm.

Directions to the school

  • By the suburban train: From Batthyány tér to ”Békásmegyer” station (in the daytime by 10 minutes)
  • By bus:
    • From Árpád Bridge (Buda abutment) – ”Szentlélek tér” stop: bus number 134 to ”Újmegyeri tér” terminal
    • From Árpád Bridge (Pest abutment) – ”M3” stop: bus number 34 to ”Újmegyeri tér” terminal
    • From Rákospalota - Kossuth Street, calling at ”Újpest központ”: bus number 204 to ”Békásmegyer HÉV állomás”:
  • By car:


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Varga István Kereskedelmi, Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola


Residence, postal address: 7,Hatvany Lajos Street, Budapest, H-1039
Telephone: +36-1-368-7443 
Fax: +36-1-454-0603

Educational ID of the school: 035550